You can help our efforts to get the word out and to at last stop the unprecedented assault on our historic neighborhood.

Get a yard sign and put it in front of your house. You can get several signs and put up at stop signs around the neighborhood. Or give a sign to one of your neighbors.

Because there is significant expense in creating these signs we are suggesting a donation of at least $10 a sign. The money will be used to cover the expense and also for more materials and legal efforts to fight this doubles to dorms.

You can pick the sign up at Teddy Martin’s home at 7601 Hampson. Please bring the suggested donation check for $10 or more. Make the check out to MARI. Teddy is home most of the time and you can call her before picking up the sign(s).

Teddy Martin 504-866-0707

If you prefer you can also use PayPal to pay with credit card by using the button below. Show the receipt Paypal will email you after your donation when you pick up your sign(s).