How you can help

Thank you for being willing to help with this very urgent and important situation. This has to do with an attack by local and out-of-town developers on our unique quality of life in the university area. These people do not care about the quality of life of our neighbors and the unique beauty of our neighborhood. They are in it to squeeze as much money as possible out of these historic homes.

1. We have yard signs you can put in front of your house. Also, you can donate what you can so we can be able to create and file lawsuits against the people involved.

For YARD SIGNS please go to the LINK to find out how to get one or many.

To DONATE so we can continue our efforts please go to this LINK.

2. You can also send letters and emails to the City Council members. Once is not enough, several times is what is important. We have to let them know that people are not going to take this lying down. That people are up in arms about this and are prepared to make a stink.

Dormitories are for college campuses not for historic neighborhoods with beautiful historic homes. The city’s attempt to try to push density with supposed affordable housing into neighborhoods not suited for this is destructive to our history and quality of life.

These beautiful homes meant only for one or two family residences irreparably altered and their beauty destroyed to line the pockets of out of town developers is unacceptable. They are not affordable. We are committed to do whatever we can to stop it this assault on our neighborhood.

What can you and your neighbors do to help?

    •    Alert your members and area residents of the threat posed by the D2Ds and ask them to send emails to the council at the addresses below.  Highlight and copy this entire list and paste it to the “TO:” field in your email.;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    •    Follow this legislation through CAN (Carrollton Avenue Network) and CM Giarrusso’s office

    •    Consider asking CM Giarrusso to create a study and IZD for your area.

    •    Follow this legislation through CAN and CM Giarrusso’s office

    •    Consider asking CM Giarrusso to create a study and IZD for your area